Tango bi monthly Workshops

Leo & Tracey Workshops with The Tango Temptation Group in Benson, Oxfordshire.


These 3 hour workshops have been very popular for the last 5 years and Leo and Tracey are delighted to be continuing to work with Mark and Sarah who run Tango Temptation.


The workshops are carefully structured with a balance of exercises and technique that enable all levels to take part whether Beginner or more Advanced. They are a fun way to learn the Tango and enjoy the company of other like minded people in a social environment! Always popular, early booking with Sarah is recommended!


Programme for the afternoon

Workshop from 2.00-5.00-pm with break for Tea and light refreshments






Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson

Oxfordshire OX10 6LZ


Contact Sarah to book



  • February 10th

    Workshop theme to be confirmed...

  • April 14th

    Workshop theme to be confirmed...

  • June 9th

    Workshop theme to be confirmed...

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