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Leo and Tracey now have their own Teacher Training Modules. Their students are teaching their methodology in Reading, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Northampton.


These modules are open to dancers or teachers who wish to be able to teach the improvisational artform of Argentine Tango using the ‘Leonardo Acosta’ methodology which they have developed over the last few years. Their methodology is based on Leo's fathers teaching and Leo's own experiences from 45 plus years of dancing and teaching. The methodology is named in honour of Leo's father, who was also called Leonardo Acosta. They have developed a 1 year course covering the basics of the Argentine Tango over six 3 hour modules. The modules follow the academic year from October. There is a 2 hour exam for candidates in June which include both practical and theory assessments.


For more information please see the London Argentine Tango School web site.






Why are Leo and Tracey doing this?

At the moment there is no governing body for Argentine Tango in the UK. By it's very nature the improvisational Tango is hard to define. However, over the last few years they have become increasingly concerned that some non Tango UK Dance organisations are teaching a version of 'Argentine Tango' which is not the authentic Tango.


They are aware that they are seeing many students who believe they have been learning Argentine Tango but in reality they have been shown a choreographed version that is far from the character, nature and beauty of the real dance. They are also aware that so many visiting teachers of different styles are teaching that the students are becoming confused. There is currently no consistency of teaching instruction. With Leo's vast experience of the dance both as a dancer and teacher they felt it was time that they did something to preserve the character of the improvisational, social Argentine Tango.


They are teaching their methodology to as many people as possible to ensure that the social Argentine Tango is seen as a real artform and one that deserves respect as much as other danceforms more established in the UK.


They have spent the last few years developing their teaching methodology. Leo and Tracey are now in a position to offer the serious student/dancer or Teacher the opportunity to learn from one of the UK's leading and most authentic Teachers of Argentine Tango.


If you are interested in becoming a Teacher of their methodology then the full syllabus and costs can be found on our Teacher Training website at www.lat-s.co.uk

Leo and Tracey's methodology is now being taught in:




Greater London



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