El vals sonador - The Dreaming Vals

Who, when listening to the first beats of a waltz, hasn’t had the desire to dance?

Even if it seems that the world in its eternal roll would turn at the beat of some waltz.

If you’ve ever dreamed to embrace in your arms that blonde girl that’s enchanting to look at.

Together, very close you will soon be if you follow the beat of a waltz.


To dream, to let oneself hear lullabies,

To whisper sweet words to her ears that invite love.






There are many 'styles' of Tango, and within the styles there are 'rhythms'.


Leo and Tracey teach the styles of Canyengue, Milonguero, Tango Salon and 90's 'Nuevo'. Within these styles there are the rhythms of, Tango, Vals and Milonga.


So what's the difference?


Click on the links below for a brief description and some video clips showing the styles and music...






Tango Salon


90's Nuevo


The Rhythms of Tango

Performance of Tango Salon by Leo and Tracey

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