"In nearly 11 years of tango Leo remains,
by far, the finest teacher I have ever experienced either in the U.K or abroad in both Europe and North America"







Leo and Tracey teach Argentine Tango classes throughout Bournemouth and London.


They teach all the styles of the improvisational Tango including: Canyengue, Milonguero, Tango Salon and Nuevo. Within these styles are the rhythms of: Tango, Tango Vals, (Waltz) and Milonga.


All their classes are friendly and fun. Their School doesn't have levels as they believe this creates an uncomfortable 'hierarchy' within the School. As a result, their dances are often described as being some of the friendliest venues to dance Tango.


Leo and Tracey teach their methodology by starting each class with exercises that help you with the rhythm, musicality and posture of Tango.


They believe that Tango is a language and they give you the 'tools' or vocabulary to express the music on the floor. They teach using their own defined methodology which they have called simply 'the Leonardo Acosta Methodology' after Leo's father who was also a Tango Teacher and Organiser in Buenos Aires.


Come and have a go! You don't need to pre-book or a partner, just turn up and enjoy!

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