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Leo and Tracey are delighted to introduce their own book called 'The ABC of Argentine Tango'. The book has been produced in 2 formats - 56 page A5 printed book full colour throughout and spiral bound




A 66 page iBook with 13 video clips to illustrate key points which is available to buy on iTunes.


The books have been written by Leo and Tracey as an 'ABC' of the social, improvised art form of Argentine Tango and as well as giving the technique of the foundations of Argentine Tango, they also incorporate useful explanations of commonly used jargon within the Tango world.


They seek to clarify and present in a clear and easy to read way, the Argentine Tango as taught by Leo and Tracey in their classes. It is based on Leo's years of observation and experiences of Tango and also from the teachings of Leo's father, who was also a Tango Teacher in Buenos Aires.


The printed book is supported by 15 diagrams and numerous photographs to clearly explain the technique of the walk and the main elements of the improvisational dance. The iBook has the same information but is supported by video clips, (please note, these contain no sound).


The books have been written from Leo and Tracey's teaching perspective and their Teacher Training Modules. It is ideal for any lover of Argentine Tango whatever their experience or simply those who are curious about this beautiful dance.


The book is available to buy direct from Leo and Tracey at a cost of £15 per book. If you would like it to be sent to you, there will be an additional £3 Post and Packing charge for UK delivery. There may be an additional charge for overseas postage please mail for details. The book is available to buy using the Paypal button here:




Alternatively if you would like the iBook version which is £6.49 please use the link below to purchase directly from the iTunes store here







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