Live Music in Bournemouth and London May 4th and May 6th with the Faggiano Duo!


Tango Fandango is delighted to be able to present two extremely talented guitarist brothers from Buenos Aires called the Faggiano Duo. They will be making their UK debut in Bournemouth at the Piccadilly Ballroom on Thursday May 4th and their London debut at the La Perla Golden Evening Milonga on Saturday May 6th.


Thursday 4th May at the Piccadilly Ballroom, Bournemouth

7.30-8.30pm - Class with Leo & Tracey

8.30-11.30pm - Milonga with live music

Class and Milonga - £15pp

Milonga only - £10pp


Saturday 6th May - Golden Night La Perla at the Dance Lab Putney with Pablo Nievas and the Faggiano Duo

7.30-8.30pm - Class with Pablo and Bridget Mayer

8.30-11.45pm - Milonga with the Faggiano Duo and performance by Pablo and Bridget

Class and Milonga - £20pp

Milonga only - £15pp



About the Faggiano Duo...

Agustin and Matias are brothers from a guitar family in Buenos Aires. They are two young guitarists of the new generation of tango musicians.


They have a wide repertoire which predominantly include tangos, waltzes and milongas.


They have appeared at many venues in the Capital Federal and the Greater Buenos Aires. Among them, we can mention: Academia Nacional Del Tango, Museo Mundial del Tango, Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Museo Casa Carlos Gardel, Café Tortoni, Taconeando, Casona del Teatro, Café Homero, Esquina Homero Manzi, Los 36 billares, Bien Porteño, El Argentino, Radio Nacional, Salón Dorado de la Legislatura Porteña, and also their appearance at the Festival Buenos Aires Tango.


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