MUCHACHOS COMIENZA LA RONDA  Guys, the round begins (1941)

Don’t miss a single beat of this tango

captivating, rebellious and overly sweet.

In between turns and gallant compliments

let’s imagine today living in a foregone time;

that happy time

of the real gray broad-brimmed soft hat,

the loquacious compliment

and the suburb’s lamp post.

Don’t miss a single beat of this tango…




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The London Argentine Tango School
The Teacher Training School and Technique methodology of Leo and Tracey


The Piccadilly Ballroom

Beautiful Ballroom run by Alexandra and Andrey, where we hold most of our classes and dances in Bournemouth


Negracha Tango Club in Holburn

Tanguito in North London

Carablanca in Holburn

Pavadita Milonga at Hammersmith

Tango Garden in Central London

Todo Tango

An interesting web site for Tango Lyrics and Musicians

2 to Tango
Tango Clothing company based in Paris but we often have their collection here.


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