Leonardo comes from a very traditional family and was introduced to Argentine Tango when he was about 7 years old because his father also organised Milongas and taught Tango in Buenos Aires. Being exposed to Tango at such an early age, Leo was able to learn and appreciate Tango and its way of life in a way which to many of us is not possible. All this reflects in his style of dancing and teaching.



    In 1979 Leonardo finished his studies as an instructor of Tango and native dances with the School of Dance “Teatro Roma” in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires. From this moment onwards, he began to perform in shows as a Tango dancer.


    Leonardo worked as a dancer and singer in numerous theatre pieces and shows: “Teatro Alvear, San Martin”, “Teatro de la Rivera”, “Teatro Margarita Sirgus” in San Telmo and Teatro Roma, Avellaneda (to name but a few). As a choreographer Leonardo worked in the “Teatro Gral San Martin” in works (sainetes) of Alberto Bacarezza named “Su cuna fue un conventillo” and “El conventillo de la paloma”, in which he choreographed both the actors and singers.


    Leonardo danced with Orchestras “Fernandez Branca, Tipica Imperial” and “El Quinteto” directed by Eduardo Malaguarnera (Violin player in “Orquestra de Tango de Buenos Aires”). In this formation he danced together with his former dance partner in famous places such as “Café Tortoni”, “El Viejo Almacen”, “Salon del Congreso de la Nacion Argentinas” and in different provinces. In Buenos Aires Leonardo was director of the School of Tango called “Alma de Fandango”, whose aim was to spread the Tango amongst secondary schools. This project was approved by the Secretary of Education in Buenos Aires.



    Leonardo has been teaching and organising successful dance nights since 2001. One of his Milongas in Balham has been running since 2003 and is one of the longest running milongas in London. Leo danced in the 3rd international Tango Festival in London in November 2001 and performed and taught at the 1st Leeds Tango Festival 2004. Leo also taught & performed at the 1st Tango Extravaganza UK Festival in London 2007.


    Leonardo's style of Tango is very unique and authentic and in his dancing he reflects the years of being brought up and having lived amongst family and friends who themselves loved Tango - not only as a dance but also it's music, poetry and philosophy. His approach to Tango is not only technical but also sentimental and his teaching method reflects on this as he believes that every individual should develop his own style and personality in the dance.



    Tracey has danced Argentine Tango for over 15 years. She initially taught at the Reading Canoe Club in Reading where she successfully co-ran Tango Nirvana, with one of the longest running milongas in the Thames Valley.


    With a background of Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American Dancing, Tracey understands the fundamental differences between these art forms and is able to help people adjust to the art of Argentine Tango.


    She has had extensive tuition with Leo over the last 7 years and they have formed a popular partnership running classes, workshops, dances and holidays throughout the UK and abroad. Together they have performed in numerous places including Negracha Tango Club, the International Tango Meeting in Sardinia, at the prestigious London Waldorf Tango Supper, and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom to name but a few. They have also been invited to teach abroad in Vienna, Sicily and Sardinia.


    In 2013, they were the first professional Argentine Tango couple to create their own Teaching Methodology, Syllabus and Diploma. Six of their students qualified in June 2014 and the 'Leonardo Acosta Methodology', (named after Leo's father, Leonardo, also a Tango Teacher), is now being taught in their students classes in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire.


    2Tango was established by Leo and Tracey to offer Tango holidays and breaks in the UK and abroad. Their holidays are always relaxed and fun. Early booking is advisable!


    A full list of all their holidays for 2018 can be found here...


    The London Argentine Tango School was founded in 2012 by Leo and Tracey when they founded and defined their own teaching methodology based on the teaching of Leo's father and Leo's experiences. Called simply, the Leonardo Acosta Methodology, it is named after Leo's father, (also Leonardo Acosta), and is the first of its kind to be presented in the UK. They have now founded their own Teacher Training syllabus and have a number of Trainee Teachers working with them who are now able to teach Leo's style. For more information please see the London Argentine Tango Schools (LATs) web site at www.lat-s.co.uk


    They are the first professional couple in the UK to have written and published their own book - the ABC of Argentine Tango - which is available in print or as an iBook downloadable from the iTunes store.



Leonardo & Tracey teach the improvised art form of the social Argentine Tango. They teach all the styles of social Argentine Tango which include: Canyengue, Milonguero, Tango Salon and Nuevo incorporating the rhythms of Tango, Vals and Milonga.


Classes are relaxed and fun. Together they have developed their own Teaching Methodology, Syllabus and Teacher Training Diploma, the first Professional Tango Teachers in the UK to do so.


Their methodology is based on Leo's 50 plus years of experience  and knowledge as he started dancing Tango when he was just 7 years old!


They teach weekly Argentine Tango classes in the Bournemouth and Dorset area and monthly classes in Putney, London.


They have 2 Teacher training centres established in London and Bournemouth. They now have a comprehensive network of Teachers teaching their style of Tango throughout the UK, so if you see the London Argentine Tango School badge, you can be sure that the teaching will be consistent!


"It has been our great pleasure to attend weekenders with Leo and Tracey, although they can be challenging, you certainly come away having learnt how to tango, and had a lot of fun doing so. Their monthly 3 hour sessions at Benson are a great way to improve your appreciation of this great dance style, it is a totally different way of doing Argentine tango, from what is normally taught, really authentic"

Tony and Rose




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